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Financial contributions enable NASCI to purchase what is needed to take care of and raise babies and children: these are consumer goods that we cannot retrieve from the supply of materials kindly given to us by families who support our cause. For example: birthing bags, nappies, milk powder, soap, toothpaste, sanitary towels, washing powder, birthday presents for children, school supplies etc.

To give you a clear idea about how specific donations can be used, we’ve listed a few options.

Other donations

If there is a birth in the family or indeed another reason to celebrate, you can also invite others to show their joy through a donation to NASCI. We can commemorate such wonderful moments by showing our solidarity and making a generous gift to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Perhaps you have another idea about how to help mothers with children for whom financial support is particularly difficult. It is also possible to make a bequest.

Your support means a great deal and really does help children - here and now.

Every gift (big or small) is more than welcome and can be transferred to the following account at BNP PARIBAS FORTIS: BE23 0014 0956 4691

For gifts of 40.00 euros or more we shall provide a tax certificate. When making a transfer, please indicate that it is a ‘gift met fiscaal attest’ (gift with tax certificate).

Tax certificates are automatically entered at BELGOTAX Online.

It is therefore extremely important to check whether your name and address have been entered absolutely correctly in your transfer, otherwise the certificate will not end up in the right place. Certificates will be issued in the course of the month of March following the calendar year in which you made the transfer. If you wish to receive a statement, simply let us know.

In order to save our administration from any unnecessary stress, we kindly request that you group together smaller contributions, for example by donating per quarter rather than on a monthly basis. Many thanks.

Happy birthday

The greatest surprise you can give a child from a disadvantaged background is a brand new birthday present. He or she has probably never received a present like this before: straight from the shop, in the original packaging and never before used by another child. The priceless smile, the pride and the fun that a gift brings make the investment all the more worthwhile. A present straight from the heart!

Donate €20

Care kit

A care kit contains all the vital items that a family needs to take care of their day-to-day hygiene for an entire month: shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, laundry products, sanitary towels, baby care products, nappies and milk powder. An absolutely basic right for a human being.

Donate €30

Dry bottoms

With this nappy package you’ll make sure that cute little babies’ bottoms stay dry for four months. Everybody knows how expensive nappies are. If parents don’t have enough money to buy any, their babies become especially vulnerable. An essential gift for a baby’s well-being and happiness.

Donate €45

Back to school

Every child deserves a good start at the beginning of a new school year. In the world of school kids, it’s of the utmost importance to have the right equipment - otherwise there’s a risk of being excluded. We provide a child with a pack of school materials, specially adapted to the child’s age, containing a book bag, a filled pencil case, notebooks and folders, lunchbox and bottle, gym bag with trainers and swimming equipment, if needed. This not only motivates the child to go to school and to persevere with it, but it also relieves the family of an expensive burden.

Donate €75

Welcome, darling baby

With this gift you enable us to provide an expectant mother with something that makes NASCI unique within the Brussels social care scene: our BIRTH PACKAGE. This contribution means we can provide a baby with everything it needs in its very first days in the world, such as clothing, nappies, feeding bottles and dummies, care products for mother and baby, a blanket, a small toy etc. We supply all of this to heavily pregnant mothers - or those who have just given birth - in a sturdy changing bag. For a mother with nothing to welcome her baby into the world, this means a great weight being lifted from her shoulders, allowing her and her baby to simply enjoy being with one another. The gratitude of expectant mothers is often extremely touching once they realise what they have been given. After all, this is the starting point of our entire operation: every child is entitled to a decent start in life. This gift means the difference between despair and hope.

Donate €100

Choose your own amount

Here you can choose for yourself the amount you want to donate. Every little bit helps. Thanks a million.

Donate €