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Intership at NASCI

NASCI is happy to give students the chance to acquire knowledge and experience with our specific target group, namely single mothers and families with young children who live at a disadvantage within the Brussels Capital Region.

For us, internships are of mutual importance: on the one hand, we dedicate our full attention and coaching skills to the student and their learning process; on the other hand, it results in a growing appreciation for our multicultural operations, the discrete solidarity we share with vulnerable people and the interest in the fight against child poverty in a big city.

Who can be considered for this position:

  • students of social work
  • students of orthopedagogy
  • students of applied psychology
  • students of family sciences
  • students of (social)
  • nursing/midwifery
  • students of logistical assistance

For practical and organisational reasons we can only offer internships for a minimum of four weeks, at least part-time, and once to twice per academic year.

For HSO students (higher secondary education) who are conducting a social project we request a minimum commitment of 20 hours.


Simply send an email and letter of motivation a few months prior to the start of the internship period to for the attention of the management.

We’d be happy to meet you.


Intership at NASCI
Intership at NASCI