Nasci information


NASCI vzw - Service Centre for Children was officially founded on 19th May 1998. The centre itself opened its doors in December 2003.

Composition of the management body

The first management body was established on 09/05/1998 (publication: Belgisch Staatsblad).

The last official amendment of the management body took place during the General Meeting on 17/03/2017. The adjustments to the composition of the management bodies were recorded in the registry of the court of first instance and published in the Belgisch Staatsblad.

  • Chairperson: Chris Louwet
  • Vice chairperson: Leona Willems
  • Secretary: Charlotte De Vestele
  • Treasurer: Nic Van Craen
  • Management members: Claudine De Cuyper, Frieda Fiers, Emiel Jansens, Caroline Logie, Miet Mertens, Veerle Pashley, Anja Strubbe, Mariet Vandersmissen and Anita Vermeulen.
  • General Meeting: Management members, DaniĆ«l Suy and Alain Van Vossel