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The website, hereafter referred to as the Nasci-site, is the property of NASCI vzw, situated at d’Anethanstraat 4, 1030 Schaarbeek, hereafter referred to as Nasci.

Everyone is at liberty to visit our website, gather information about NASCI and our services and about our latest news, without providing us with personal details. However, using the website and reading these announcements and conditions equals unconditional acceptance of the following.

The Nasci site aims at providing information about the organisation NASCI vzw, at clarifying our procedures for aid workers and at showing the way to prospecting sponsors. The site also offers the possibility of sending us a query or finding our contact details.

All information on our site is of a general nature and is not to be considered a personal, professional or legal advice. The contents of the site (hyperlinks included) may be amended, added to or deleted at any time without notification. Nasci can not guarantee that the information available is at all times complete, correct or up to date.

Nasci may not be held liable for damages caused by the use of the site or of the available information, including loss, interruption of work, damage to the user’s programming or data on computer systems or damage to appliances.

Everyone has the right to consult the information provided on the website, to download it for personal use and to reproduce it for non-commercial purposes, on condition of naming the source, in accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation as applicable from May 25 th 2018. For reproduction or use of multi-media information prior authorisation is always required.

Please contact Nasci for further details.

All intellectual property rights of the website and the information on it remain exclusively Nasci’s.

Protection of personal data and e-mail exchange Nasci is very concerned about the protection of your personal privacy. Most of the information we provide is available without our requesting any personal data from you. All our personnel, volunteers and stagiaires are held by vow of secrecy.

All data are at all times treated in accordance with the latest update of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation as applicable from May 25 th 2018. Under “treating” we understand any form of automatized processing, any action taken on anyone’s personal data – e.g. collecting, saving, amending, deleting, consulting, passing on, using etc. For any of these actions with for instance an address, e-mail or phone number, we require the owner’s explicit agreement and we explain the purpose of this action.

According to this legislation you have the right to consult and amend any data Nasci would possess regarding your person. Please contact Nasci for more details.

E-mails and any information you provide us with will be treated confidentially. Something may go wrong during transmission, or internet communication may be delayed, due to circumstances beyond our control. Please take this into account when you have an urgent query.

Any e-mail we send you is intended exclusively for you. Should you receive information that is not intended for you, please delete is from your computer and notify the sender about the mistake.

For more general information about these issues, you may wish to contact the Committee for the Protection of Personal Privacy:; Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussel – 02/274 4800.