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Social workers in the Brussels Capital Region can refer children and mothers in need to NASCI when they have nowhere else to turn for help. Refer those in need to NASCI

In these trying times we are working harder than ever to ensure the well-being of children in poverty or disadvantaged situations - the most vulnerable group in our society. In order to promote these children’s welfare, we provide support and aid to mothers who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Which social workers can rely on us?

Brussels-based institutions, such as departments for Children and Families, Children and Prevention, O.N.E.s (Office National de l’Enfance), O.C.M.W.s (Public Centres for Social Welfare), C.A.W.s (Centres for General Welfare Operations), hospital social services, schools, the police, reception centres, family planning centres, community services, doctors, nurses, social assistants and related social workers can get in touch with NASCI.

Every request for assistance is reviewed and examined.

Who is eligible for support?

NASCI is primarily available to vulnerable mothers and children in the Brussels Capital Region who have little or no income and who have nowhere else to turn for help.

Of course, we also help single fathers living in poverty.

In theory, every Brussels resident that is living in poverty or at a social disadvantage can appeal for help from NASCI, insofar as our financial means and capabilities allow. However, there is only one NASCI for the whole region. This is why we prioritise pregnant women, single mothers and families in an emergency situation, and who, for whatever reason are not able to provide their children with basic essentials, in terms of neither time nor structure.

Unfortunately we are not always able to help those who already benefit from OCMW support and child support payments, although we are aware that these families also have it very tough. There are some exceptions in this case, for example in the event of large amounts of debt, a death, serious medical treatment of a family member, mothers with H.I.V., ... Every situation is unique and thus always requires thorough consultation between NASCI and the social worker that wishes to refer a family.

NASCI supports people in need regardless of their background or social status: whether you’re a Belgian citizen, an immigrant, asylum seeker or someone awaiting regularisation. Children’s welfare is the top priority!

What should you do?

As a social worker you have only two tasks:

  1. call to make an appointment
  2. give the mother a completed form

We’ll take it from there.

Poverty is visibly increasing, and so is the demand for assistance. Due to the increasing demand for support it is advisable to only refer new families or mothers following a telephone call with a member of NASCI staff.

If an agreement is reached, the social worker will receive an appointment for the mother. The social worker then only needs to give the referred mother a completed ‘request for assistance’ form. She should bring this request form to her first appointment. This provides the NASCI team with sufficient insight into her situation to enter into an open discussion.

You can download on Word version of our ‘request for assistance’ form here. Attention! Please give the mother a completed copy of this form, i.e. do not send it via e-mail or by post.

Download assistance request (Dutch version)

How does assistance work?

The parent in need will only receive an appointment following a telephone call or personal meeting with the social worker. This enables us, together with the social worker, to make sure we make the right choices and be certain that those who truly need help also receive it.

Every request for assistance is investigated. Following an extensive initial interview, the parent in need is registered. The establishment of a relationship of trust begins right away with the offer of concrete support. We provide assistance that is specifically designed for the family in terms of both material assistance and social and/or medical assistance. In the event of problems that we can’t solve ourselves we will refer the parent to the appropriate Brussels-based institution - hopefully they will be able to help.

The period of material support provided by NASCI depends on the specific needs of each family. It could be a one-off instance of support, or a maximum of 12 months. In most cases, 12 months of material support is sufficient - however, demand unfortunately outstrips our capabilities. For this reason, we try to put mothers and children onto the right path so they can improve their own situation. We don’t just leave them out in the cold.

This allows as many children and mothers as possible to benefit from our help. Once a mother stops receiving material support, she can still participate in the other activities provided by NASCI for as long as she wants. She’ll always be welcome!

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Social workers
Social workers
Social workers
Social workers