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Volunteers’ contributions at NASCI are always based a positive outlook on diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism, respect and solidarity. As an active supporter of our organisation, you can expect a real sense of fulfilment and many enjoyable moments when working together.

Alongside the financial means required to procure the supplies we need, and the materials provided by generous donors, NASCI also needs a lot of helping hands.

Teamwork, discretion, openness, social engagement and a sense of responsibility are all important factors.

Our volunteers are extremely diverse in terms of age, background, education, culture and language, but all of them devote themselves to making our work possible - with heart and soul. They too feel the warmth of the environment here - a place full of meaningful activities that make everyone feel good.

Every day we are brought all kinds of useful bits and bobs for mothers in poverty or who are socially disadvantaged, and who knock on our door twice a week to collect what their children need. It sounds simple but in reality this requires a lot of organisation. Everything hat arrives at NASCI must first be sorted, inspected and spruced up, and then put in the right place. Clothing packages for girls and boys are sorted by age, ready to distribute. Toys can’t escape a thorough inspection either before they once again find themselves in a child’s hands. Several other activities also demand preparation and supervision. For example, the provision of childcare during training sessions and workshops; the preparation of snacks and drinks, or carrying out odd jobs and repairs. In short: there is always plenty of work for everyone.

NASCI is always looking for enthusiastic people who enjoy being in a multilingual and multicultural environment, with sufficient practical knowledge and who want to lend a hand, working either alone or in a group.

We are primarily looking for people to boost our permanent team of volunteers during office hours. The day(s) you want to work are open to discussion. To begin with, we will ask you to sort and put away incoming donations. You might then be asked to put together clothing packages to give to parents in need, or you’ll take care of the reception of mothers and children during the “Mamas Club” afternoons; maybe you’ll be an ambassador or a handyman, or you’ll find another way to make use of your skills. We request a minimum commitment of four hours per week.

Are you a member of a group and fancy coming along to help out one day, with five or six others? You can do that too!

Just get in touch for more information.


Volunteer for us
Volunteer for us
Volunteer for us