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What does NASCI do?

NASCI works predominantly for young, often single mothers who have to get through life with very little personal means of existence, or with no income whatsoever. For various reasons, these mothers and their children have nowhere to turn within the existing Brussels social care network.

NASCI combats poverty and social disadvantage by providing the following:

  • concrete material first-line support for a specified period;
  • accessible support in raising children, social information, and personal and medical first-line support;
  • meetings and relaxation activities;
  • correct referral to appropriate Brussels-based institutions and services for issues that NASCI is not able to solve.

NASCI does not provide financial support.

General objectives:

  • actively contribute to the fight against poverty, disadvantage and exclusion within the Brussels Capital Region;
  • implement effective support measures which enable us to work with the target individuals to deal either with issues as a whole or specific needs;
  • be a child-friendly, approachable, warm and trustworthy open place where the well-being of children and mothers is the central focus;
  • act as a spokesperson for vulnerable mothers and children in need;
  • build up a relationship of trust with the target group and closely observe the evolution of poverty and disadvantage in Brussels;
  • establish a ‘Mama’s club’, a weekly afternoon meeting with a special babies’ bathroom, a playroom for the youngest children and relaxing activities;
  • provide meaningful training and education via workshops, information sessions and educational support in order to strengthen the target group;
  • organise enjoyable meet-ups for mothers and children, such as an annual multicultural family fete or a group trip;
  • act as a social information point for the socially disadvantaged and those living in poverty and, where necessary or requested, with a correct referral to the right institutions;
  • collaborate with partners to provide preventative first-line health advice to mothers and children living in poverty, or those at a social disadvantage, who do not (yet) benefit from regular healthcare;
  • define our Mediconsult project that deals with contraception, breast-feeding and a healthy diet for babies and toddlers;
  • encourage dynamic volunteer work with a positive outlook on diversity and multiculturalism;
  • provide internships and opportunities for alternative community service;
  • raise interest in our work and the problems facing our target group via guided tours of our organisation or NASCI representation at relevant conferences;
  • build on a respectful and proactive relationship with our network of supporters;
  • develop initiatives for fundraising and sponsoring requests;
  • as a subsidised association, maintain the relationship with competent administrations and executives by fulfilling public contracts in close consultation with them and in a professionally responsible manner.

NASCI’s aim is to generate more solidarity within the metropolitan Brussels community and promote general social engagement.

The right to child welfare is the top priority!

What does NASCI do?
What does NASCI do?
What does NASCI do?
What does NASCI do?