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Who can receive support from NASCI?

NASCI is primarily available to vulnerable mothers and children in the Brussels Capital Region who have little or no income and who are not eligible for traditional social support.

In particular, this refers to pregnant women, single mothers and families in an emergency situation, and who, for whatever reason, are not able to provide their children or themselves with a decent living, in terms of neither time nor structure. NASCI is also there for single fathers living in poverty.

Every resident of the city who is living in poverty or is socially disadvantaged can rely on NASCI for support for as far as our financial means and capabilities allow.

NASCI supports vulnerable people regardless of their background or social status: whether you’re a Belgian citizen, an immigrant, asylum seeker or someone awaiting regularisation - it doesn’t matter.

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Who can receive support from NASCI?
Who can receive support from NASCI?