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Who is NASCI?

Every child has the right to a good upbringing and a decent start in life. The child’s welfare is the top priority.

The vzw (translator’s note: Belgian non-profit organisation) NASCI is a ‘service centre for children’. The organisation is active in the Brussels Capital Region, which is also the location of its headquarters. NASCI’s work is subsidised by the Flemish Community Commission, the Common Community Commission and the Community of Schaarbeek.

Proportionally speaking, Brussels has more children, more single mothers, more foreign nationals and more disadvantaged residents than Flanders. In the belief that every individual -especially every child - has the right to a full and valuable human existence, NASCI lends a helping hand to mothers of children for whom life is far from easy, and who often have nowhere else to turn.

Our vision

Serious poverty has many faces. Every story is unique. The alleviation of poverty thus requires a comprehensive approach across a diverse range of fronts. By enabling a mother to stand up for herself, by giving her a greater insight into the world around her and by building her confidence, she’ll be better equipped to raise her children. We work together with mothers to create a better basis upon which disadvantaged children can build a future.

Our mission

NASCI works on the basis of an extensive overall approach to its target group: socially vulnerable mothers and children who have nowhere else to turn for support.

NASCI develops a support system that fits well into the local social policy of the Flemish Community Commission (VGC) and the Brussels Common Community Commission (GGC). With this in mind, NASCI offers an approachable starting point, individual guidance that is specially designed for the target group in need, and a teamwork-based approach that strengthens social bonds.

In order to achieve its goals, NASCI collaborates with relevant partners from the professional community in Brussels and, when possible, also works with volunteers.

NASCI works to ensure an open, child-friendly atmosphere and high-quality professional support; it also promotes diversity and multiculturalism, tolerance, compassion and solidarity.

NASCI is an independent organisation in which ethnic origins and personal outlooks on life play no part. Our goal is to improve the opportunities available to disadvantaged children - here and now. That’s precisely why we help mothers and families in their daily strugglesainst poverty and social exclusion. The child’s welfare is the top priority!

More information is available in our annual report.


Who is NASCI?
Who is NASCI?
Who is NASCI?