May 2022

Nasci needs your help!


Met dank aan onze sponsors

In order to carry out its operations, NASCI relies greatly on financial gifts. For every financial gift of €40.00 or more, NASCI is authorised to issue a tax certificate.

The following overview, listed in random order, changes on an annual basis and provides an insight into just some of the generous donors from the past year. This list does NOT include any figures.

Financial, material and moral support are all of equal value. This list can also be viewed in the annual report from the previous year.

For a specific reference to your logo or link, as a loyal and/or considerable sponsor of NASCI vzw, we work on the basis of a number of conditions. Please contact the director for more information.

Do you have a question concerning the references, or have we forgotten to mention you? Please accept our apologies. You can contact the director to ensure that any mistakes are rectified.

  • Fonds Viva for Life de CAP48
  • C & A International – “Inspiring Women” project
  • Rotary Club Brussel Coudenberg
  • Studio Brussel with the “Music For Life” campaign – “De Warmste Week”
  • Withe the support of the Koning Boudewijnstichting
  • “COMP Yoga Group, DG Competition” - European Community
  • United Fund for Belgium (UFB) – Les Pilotes du Coeur
  • Huis van de Mens - Brussel / IMD
  • Shuman Trophy
  • Groen - Hoofdstedelijk Gewest Brussel (Brussels Capital Region)
  • Jong Groen vzw
  • Zonta Brussel Zavel
  • School 53 Stad Brussel
  • Fondation Timon
  • British International School Brussels
  • Give EUR-hope asbl/vzw
  • Breughel International BVBA
  • Dreamland NV
  • Vrienden K.A.E.
  • Liberale Vrouwen
  • Vzw ‘Vergeet de kinderen niet’
  • Kiwanis Club Hoeilaart Zoniënwoud
  • Neuhaus N.V.
  • Goods to Give vzw
  • STEP by STEP Huldenberg
  • SP.A Federatie Brussel
  • Torfs l. NV
  • vzw Refugees Not Alone
  • European School
  • A-Zimut BVBA
  • GBS Wemmel (Christmas market proceeds)
  • Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Parlement (Brussels Parliament)
  • Ter Dreefschool - Merchtem
  • Diamond Europ NV
  • Reason 2be NV
  • Gifts on the occasion of the birth of babies Rozanne, Rune and Winston
  • Various schools
  • Numerous branches of Gezinsbond
  • Various philanthropic associations and related institutions
  • Numerous private donations (in kind and/or financial)