Families in need who have nowhere to turn to for help may be referred to Nasci by aid workers from Brussels Capital organisations. Every request for assistance is examined and discussed.


To do so, the social worker or other official needs to fill out a form and give it to the mother fully completed. The first personal contact between Nasci and the family always happens in Schaarbeek.

download the aid application in NL
download the aid application in FR

How to proceed.

1. Contact NASCI by phone.
2. Give a completed form to the parent.
We will take it from there.

Which officials may refer families to Nasci?

Aid workers in the Brussels Capital Region may refer to us for help any family in need who have nowhere else to turn to.


Brussels institutions, such as departments of Child and Family, Wiegwijs, ONE, CPAS, CAW, social services of hospitals, schools, police, shelters, family planning centers, municipal services, as well as doctors, nurses, social assistants and related social workers can contact NASCI.


We discuss and examine every request for help.

What languages do colleagues speak?

Among colleagues we speak Dutch and French, but we have colleagues who speak Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Peul, English, Italian or Spanish. With the moms we speak French, English and Dutch and if possible and necessary their mother tongue.

Who is eligible for support?

NASCI's main target group are vulnerable (single) families in the Brussels-Capital Region, who have little or no income and who have nowhere else to turn. Each situation is unique and therefore always requires a consultation between NASCI and the social worker who wishes to refer a family.


NASCI supports families regardless of ethnicity or social status.

How do we proceed after first contact?

After a telephone or personal conversation with the social worker, the parent can visit us. Together we make sure that those who really need our help may receive it.


Each request for assistance is investigated. After a comprehensive intake interview, the parent is enrolled. We build a relationship of trust and provide concrete support tailored to the family on a material, social and/or medical level. For problems that we cannot solve ourselves, we refer to a Brussels institution that hopefully can.


NASCI may provide material support to a family only once or every month for a maximum of one year, depending on their situation. Unfortunately, demand exceeds supply. The end date of one year of material support allows us to help as many children and mothers as possible. Fortunately, there is no end date on the activities; a parent can continue to participate in our activities indefinitely.

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