The story behind Nasci

25 years of Nasci

 In 2023, NASCI will be celebrating its 25th anniversary. Here you'll discover what happened in our organization over all those years
The bylaws were filed by the founding members on May 19. Mrs. Chris Louwet is the chairperson.
 On December 1, 2003, NASCI's work takes off for real.
Our full-time director, Nicky Budts and our part-time administrative assistant, Gaby Aerts, along with 29 volunteers, provide food distribution in partnership with the food bank, children's clothing, diapers and other supplies for babies and children.
Starting in 2006, we expand our distribution to include basic hygiene products such as shampoo, shower gel and detergent as well as toys. At the request of then Minister Smet, we stop food distribution. We start the weekly Mama's Club with baby baths and children's entertainment and organize information sessions and training.
 In addition to the ministries, information sessions, formations and Mama's Club, in 2007 we will start the "Back to School" and "Happy Dance Hour" actions, which return every year. Princess Mathilde, our current queen, comes to visit. We receive a "SAM of the Week!", a VRT award presented by Kathy Lindekens for selfless dedication to the vulnerable in our society. NASCI also wins the first 'Golden Ketje' for a colorful Brussels.
NASCI receives recognition to issue tax certificates for the first time, at that time for donations as low as €30. We expand our operation with Mama's Power, a long-term training program in partnership with Citizenne. Mama's Boutique provides free clothes to mothers. The then pilot Mediconsult project is discontinued, but we continue to develop primary care in collaboration with Doctors of the World in "Speak to Her," a precursor to our current medical consultation.
Mothers and families can from now on contact us for information about other social organisations in Brussels.
We start with paramedic primary care and call it "Mediconsult".
To meet the needs of our target group, we are opening a second location at the 'HuisvandeMens' in the heart of Brussels. Because it is not easy for everyone to get to Schaerbeek. We call it 'NASCI-B'.
We are structurally continuing the emergency desk for rapid relief interventions.
25 years of NASCI!Happy birthday NASCI! Our non-profit organisation is 25 years old and we are celebrating extensively with new branding, new website and a party.

Thanks to our partners

NASCI has many partners with whom it works to support needy underprivileged mothers and children in the most client-centered, effective and approachable way possible in their fight against poverty and social exclusion.At NASCI, we distinguish three major groups in our partners:

  • subsidizing governments: our key partners, because without them NASCI would not exist

  • partnerships: organizations that NASCI has partnered with to collaborate in the field

Avansa Citizenne - House of Man - Community Center de Kriekelaar - Child and Family - asbl Collaborating on Child Care in Brussels - Schaerbeek City Council - ONEGoods to Give - Hobo - Hopon (i-mens) - Gezinsplanning Rosas - Huis van het Kind Brussel

  • work-related partners: all organizations, institutions and services that we often refer to as "referral partners." These partners refer mothers and children to NASCI for help. But it also works in the opposite direction: NASCI refers needy people to them for customized support and assistance that we cannot offer ourselves. An overview of this can be found in the annual report.

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