If you are up for teamwork, discretion, openness, social commitment and a sense of responsibility, you are very welcome to volunteer. You will find that our volunteers are very diverse in terms of age, origin, education, culture and language, but are all very committed. For them too, our house is a warm home full of meaning and enjoyable activities. Welcome!
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As a volunteer, you will check, refresh, sort and stock items delivered. You put together age- and gender-specific clothing kits and inspect toys before they end up back in children's hands. Sometimes you take care of the little ones during training or workshops, prepare snacks or drinks, or do small jobs and repairs. We can use all the helping hands we can get. If you can spare at least four hours a week, you are very welcome. Would you like to come and help as a group of five or six people? That is also possible. Contact us for more information.

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